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Visit to China

The CE of The Kohsar Distributors, Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed is on his business visit to China. During his stay he will meet with his important business allies to promote and flourish low cost medicine’s quality production in Pakistan through latest Technology.

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The New project of the Production House named as NOVEX PHARMA will be specialized in the production and distribution of liquid injection filling. This product will be produce d by automatic filling machines. This product will help to serve humanity on the larger scale and will play a vital role in bringing betterment to the […]

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Novex Pharma

The Kohsar Distribuors are ruling the domain of pharmacy industry. They are soon beginning the pharmaceutical production House with the brand name of NOVEX PHARMA. The company’s management views the prognosis of prosperity of pharma industry in Pakistan in a favorable light.

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Production House Novex Pharma

Production House

The Kohsar Distributors is now introducing a new project of pharmaceutical productions. The trust of their customers has reinforced them to incline and prosper in the pharmaceutical field. Thus in this regard their Pharmaceutical production House is under development at Plot # 54, S-6, National Industrial Zone RCCI Rawat, Islamabad. This project will help introduce […]

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